We’re Growing!

Fairly quickly into 2019 we learned that we had outgrown our beautiful timber frame shop and we, as you can see in the photo below, were in need of a larger space to meet the demands for our work.

Claude cutting a truss that nearly fills the shop!

Needless to say, 2020 has been a year of big changes for us. We started off the year moving our shop to a much larger space in a vacant warehouse at 111 Robinson St. Our new shop, at nearly 4000 sqft, will allow for our growing company to work much more efficiently and to streamline the movement, test-fitting, and storage of our timber frame projects.

Our new space is busy already, with timbers being cut for a new wedding venue space in Keene: Farmhill Weddings and Events – PTBO, so stay tuned as we approach the raising day in mid-February!

We’re also excited to be growing our production to include a small number of timber frame products and will be announcing their release and sale soon!

The winter is typically a very slow time for businesses like ours, so we are thankful to be rolling into 2020 with a busy winter ahead of us! A big thank you to the local media that covered our expansion: kawarthaNOW.comCHEX TVPeterborough Examiner,
StoosNews, & PtboCanada!

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