Barn Restoration and Repair

Barns are an important part of our region’s heritage. Over the past several years, we have worked with clients throughout Southern Ontario to restore their barns and out-buildings. This has included the repair and replacement of foundations, structural timbers, roof, siding and other components to maintain the building’s integrity and ensure its longevity. See below for some of our recent projects.

Horse Barn Overhaul, Trenton, ON

This barn had an 18″ lean and was at risk of falling over. Our team straightened the structure and replaced the foundation, siding and floor.

Major structural work, including new foundation, sill plates and floor joists transformed this crumbling structure into a safe haven for our client’s horses and farm implements. Replacement of the building’s siding gave the barn a finished look. Check out the pictures below of our processes including using shoring to stabilize the structure in order to safely complete our repairs.

Century Barn Restoration, Wolfe Island, ON

This was a true engineering feat! This barn had a crumbling foundation and several rotten timbers. Our team repaired and replaced large structural components, including the foundation and masonry walls. In order to achieve this while maintaining the integrity of the structure, a massive, temporary support structure was created.

We also replaced siding and created an awning on the lower level to protect the new windows and doors. This project showcases our ability to safely reconstruct a building from the inside out & turn a barn into a work of art.

Blue Wheelbarrow Farm, Prince Edward County, ON

As many barns throughout Ontario, this timber frame barn required structural work to keep it standing and functional. After new post and beam installation, this barn is ready to support another 150 years of farming!

Timber Frame Outbuilding, Prince Edward County, ON

Another historical building that required structural and external repairs. This small building can now realize its potential as a clean & bright space for any number of activities.

Our extensive experience in construction, coupled with our skills in timberframing make us the best choice for your restoring or repairing your heritage building. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help keep your beloved building structurally sound.

What Our Customers Say

“There are many companies out there that do new timber frame construction but we discovered that Tree House Timberworks was one of the few companies in the country that had the skills and experience to take on complicated restoration work as well as new construction projects. The work they did for us was second-to-none. The Team did the required work in a timely, professional manner and we now feel comfortable that the structure will remain standing for years to come. I highly recommend the Tree House Timberworks Team!”

Don M, Waupoos, Prince Edward County, ON.
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