Special Projects

Cruck Frame Raising, New Jersey

A Cruck Frame is an incredibly special sort of timber frame. Instead of using straight timbers, the frame features large curved timbers to create a beautiful archway. Each archway is made of 2 cruck blades, halved from the same tree and joined together at the top by a collar or tie-beam.

Mike, together with his class from Heartwood School designed and cut this Cruck Frame, which we raised at a homestead in New Jersey in summer 2019.

Boardwalk & Bench Installation, Peterborough, ON

We’re proud to have partnered with the Peterborough DBIA to create timber benches and boardwalks for the 2019 Vibrancy Project Canoe Art Installation: Jiimaan’ndewengadnong (“The Place Where the Heart of the Canoe Beats”)

Stay tuned to our News for final project pictures in Spring 2020.

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